My top 4 best kept secret FOOD spots in Miami

Garcias Seafood

Local as local can get. The Miami River was once the main hub for all of the fresh seafood coming into Miami. Garcia’s has been doing this for decades.

The first floor is a fish market offering the best selection of fresh seafood. Upstairs you can grab a seat on the terrace and watch all of the action on the Miami River from transportation freighters going to the airport to yachts going to Seaspice and KiKi. Garcia’s is your local spot offering all of the action!

I do not think I get lobster ravioli anywhere else in South Florida besides Sapore Di Mare.

Homestyle Italian food nesteled on a queit corner in Coral Gables. The specials change by the day and the cacio e pepe served in a cheese wheel is a must. A very small and intimate setting, reservations are a bit tough to come by, but I highly advise going as a walk-in.

Do you remember Sushi Deli? An authentic Japanese and asian cuisine market located on 79th street and soon after a very small Omakase bar opened within the store. Head Chef and owner was notorious for telling customers to put their phones down and enjoy his creations.

Shortly after closing its doors, Erika opened up a few blocks down the street. Serving the same vibes as the Omakase counter at Sushi Deli, this lunch spot is only open from 11-4. The most exclusive and sought after dishes are flown in overnight from Japan and served to its customers that day. Good luck getting a reservation!

Where do we begin? Being born in New York, it is a must that I find the best local Chinese spots in town. I am a #1 fan of Mr. Chow’s but there is just something about your neighborhood Chinese place that warms my heart.

Located next to a Beijing Market, this unassuming yellow stand-alone building houses some of the best Chinese food I have ever had in America. My go-to order every time is a Peking duck, special fried rice, and snow pea tips. Make sure you get the snow pea tips.

Let me know where this Peking duck ranks on your list of top 5.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in these food spots, please contact me and we can grab a meal!