The absolute TOP boating spots in miami

Star Island

1 – My favorite boating spot is right between Star Island and Palm/Hibiscus Island. This picture-perfect setting among some of Miami’s most expensive real estate is nestled out of the wind allowing you to enjoy calm waters while at anchor. Centrally located between various hotspots to dock at such as Monty’s, Joia Beach, and The Standard. Drop anchor and turn the music up.


2 – If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to burn some fuel, head south. First, stop at Stiltsville and if you are up for it, climb up one of the houses and jump off! After a quick stop there, continue south another hour or so (depending on how fast) and stop at Mile Marker 88 or the Key’s Fisheries. My two favorite restaurants to stop at on the boat for a multitude of reasons. First being easy docking so do not worry, there is plenty of docking at both spots. Sunset’s are postcard worthy and the food is some of the freshest around. The Key-Lime Seafood special at Keys Fisheries is my go to.

3 – Okay let’s party. Make sure to get a reservation for 8:30pm on Sunday at KiKi. Make sure to get either a booth table or have them give you boat side service and not only enjoy the ambiance but also your boat while getting served dinner at the restaurant while using your stern or bow seating area! As the night goes on, the energy will pick up and you will be center stage in Miami’s #1 Sunday party.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this lifestyle, give me a call.